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Just Another Day At Work…

Hi all,

well, what can I say about this one. Got to work a little late today and some of my colleagues felt it was very wise to BS me (at my back – I really hate that, better say it to my face!) about coming to work a little late (just about 4 minutes late! –  Just imagine,!); that’s what I get for closing very late at night every other day(overtime without getting/demanding pay for it). Well from now on I have made up my mind to close at exactly 5pm and not a minute more (Will also MAKE SURE I resume EARLY too!). No use working my ass out for someone’s  plantation (without being cut any form of slack for it!) when I can channel that same energy into building cool things that matter to me.

Anyways, Let me leave you with two thoughts. The first one is from @patio11:

every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it. –

And the second one is an image; basically my motto in life: Read well.. Read Wide and Think Differently…

Startup Equation

Startup Equation

Notice the Number and the Exponent in each of the equations. Even if you add a 0.01 increase to your initial effort, you are sure to have a positive feedback and ultimately a great gain as opposed to have a decrease from you initial stand point.


Hello world!


And the journey continues

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  1. gürdal siker

    A good blog! I will bookmark a few of these..

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